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Your child will enjoy both our indoor and outdoor areas to engage and develop.

Indoor Facilities

Our centre has five rooms from which the 0-5 programs run.IMG_0069.JPG
The light and airy indoor spaces are  designed to facilitate children’s emotional wellbeing. We provide a fully-equipped space for them to develop social skills, independence and plenty  of space to interact and play. We encourage negotiation, sharing, taking turns and empathy in an atmosphere of trust.

We offer varied and constructive play activities in our Indoor Areas. Activites encourage, but are not limited to - movement, cognitive exercise and literary engagement. We have a Community Library where children can borrow and return books of their choosing. 

Outdoor Facilities


Our large enclosed gardens are filled with trees and grass allowing children to explore and engage with nature. Features are included to stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination allows scope for children to develop their own ideas of play. Educators support children to develop motor skills, stamina and present children with manageable challenges to find and test their limits.

Engaging in nature-based play is a highly beneficial activity for children - encouraging their imaginations and making them conscious of the natural environment. Children who play outside  tend to be more physically active, more resistant to stress; moreover, irregular and non-repetitive activities assist them in recognising, assessing and negotiating risk and build confidence. 

Kitchen/Dietary Facilities


Our modern commercial kitchen is where delicious and nutritious meals are prepared daily on site by our Food Coordinator. The menu is varied, nutritionally balanced and planned according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines for children and adolescents.

If you have any questions regarding our facilities, you're welcome to Contact us at any time.